This is Gilberto Fabbri’s story (14 years old):

I found there fifty people, all women, girls and children. We spent there many hours of scaring waiting: the terror had taken away our voices, many women were crying and sighing, lying on the floor, holding their children.

At around 3 p.m., we were starting to hope that they wouldn’t find us, when three Nazis arrived, disguised with camouflage. They ordered us to leave the shelter, and they crowded us in the kitchen of the house in Caprara: they closed the door leaving only the window open, through which they launched four hand granades, and a big one. The explosion was terrible and covered the scream of everybody there, then the thick smoke covered the dead bodies. I had a terrible pain in my legs, but I still managed to jump out of the window, and I hid between some bushes three or four meters away.
I saw the three Nazis open the door of the house and place a machine gun. I turned my head, and on the other side I saw two women run through the fields. I heard some shootings, and the two women fell on the ground one after the other.
After about 15 minutes, I was still hidden behind the bush, next to where I was staying, many shots and bursts were fired, which intermingled with the desperate cries from the women and children that were still alive in the kitchen. Then there was silence.
(Testimony from the book of Renato Giorgi, “Marzabotto parla”)