Gastone Sgargi, partisan in the Stella Rossa (19 years).

Passing by Caprara in the afternoon of September 29th 1944.

This is the story of what she saw:

When we arrived in Caprara, in this big yard, the most terrible things were the screams of men, women and children who were being killed… a terrible scene, it is impossible to tell: the cattle, half burnt, was screaming…this is something, is something…it will be stamped in my mind for ever, anyway, it will always be on my mind. It was something really…a massacre, this is what it was. I saw children butchered over there…no, no, no! This has left a mark on each of us and will leave it for ever because being at war is one thing, you fight loyally, me on my side, and you on your side, but such a slaughtering of defenceless children and women, that has been atrocious. Screaming, suffering, people running, bleeding, they didn’t know where…If you haven’t seen it, you cannot believe it, it’s impossible to say…something like that…it’s impossible.

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(Testimony from the documentary “What we went through”, Fondazione Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole, 2007)