Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole

Education and training to peace, to non violent transformation of conflict, to human right promotion and respect, for a peaceful living together.

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If only it were that simple.
If only there were evil people, somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.
But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.

Between the will to understand too much and too fast that is found in people who believe they have explanations for everything, and the refusal to understand that is found in people eager to render memories untouchable or sacred, to relegate them to a realm outside history, we find just one possible path: to hesitate in that gap.

To recognize the possibility of evil in every one of us shows us the importance of engaging ourselves to make sure that the evil of the past can’t repeat itself in the future.

On the contrary “we are not ashamed to stare into the unspeakable”. Even at the cost of discovering that what evil knows about itself, we easily find in ourselves too.


Seminars, events, workshops, camps, theatre: Starting with the knowledge and reflection about the tragic past of Monte Sole, we offer the space and time to experience empathy with those memories and to reason on the short, medium and long-term mechanisms that have led – and still lead today – to the unfolding of discrimination and violence.

About us

The Monte Sole School of Peace Foundation is the result of the collaboration of teachers and trainers in the humanistic area with civil society organizations and public institutions. It carries the cultural heritage and expertise of each component. The scuola di pace lives off the encounter between its educators and the people who daily approach these hills.


Using and developing participatory educational methods, we design one-day or multi-day Workshops for young people – students and nonstudents, aged 5 and older – for professionals and groups of people who are interested in confronting a complex and painful past in order to live a conscious present and to commit to a future of solidarity and peace.



Often the idea of ​​writing and publishing is associated with the idea of ​​setting, establishing.

For the School of Peace, writing and publishing means having one more tool to launch stimuli, open discussions, encourage debates.

Our time is now and we can not miss the opportunity to contribute to the world we want.



The School of Peace has found in RadioCittàFujiko an ideal partner to develop in full freedom some ideas on how to look at the past and its link with the current affairs and spread it to the citizens. Here are the podcasts!