It's the present, or better, it's the dangers of the present that call for memory.

Walter Benjiamin
All memory is construction of memory.
What we remember, what we forget and the sense that we give to our memories is not implicit in the events themselves: it obeys to a selection that has got ethical and political implications.

Alejandra Oberti
When we say that a community of people remembers, we say that a past has been actively transmitted to the contemporary generations through the channels of memory and that this transmitted past has been acknowledged as provided with its own sense.

Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi

It happened, therefore, it may happen again. This is the core of what we have to say.

Primo Levi

Memory is a marvellous tool but still it's fallacious: it's a battlefield space, full of truths and lies.

Primo Levi
All memory is individual, unreproducible and it dies with each person. What is collective memory is not a remembering but a stipulating: that this is important and this is the story about how it happened.

Susan Sontag
The darkness doesn't lift but becomes yet heavier as I think how little we can hold in mind, how everything is constantly lapsing into oblivion with every extinguished life, how the world is, as it were, draining itself, in that the history [of countless places and objects wich themselves have no power of memory] is never heard, never described or passed on.

W.G. Sebald
Each of these memories has roots: has motives, has reasons, which have to be listened and studied. These reasons are not to be shared, because the historian has to remain detached. But they have to be listened and, moreover, they have to be brought to light.

Paolo Pezzino


Diese Sektion der Seite ist der Geschichte des und dem Erinnern an das Massaker von Monte Sole gewidmet.

Sie werden drei verschiedene Arten von Texten vorfinden:

• Historische Informationen und Daten, entnommen aus den bescheidenen Erkenntnissen der laufenden Recherchen über das Massaker (HISTORISCHER KONTEXT)

• Verschiedene Berichte von Zeitzeuginnen und Zeitzeugen (ERINNERN)

• Einige Versuche der Reflexion entnommen aus unserer täglichen Bildungsarbeit, die versucht Geschichte, Erinnerung und Gedenken mit einer kritischen Reflexion der Gegenwart zu verbinden. (DER ORT LEHRT).

Diese Etappe des virtuellen Weges durch die Erinnerung behandelt nur zwei der insgesamt 115 Stätten des Massakers.






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